Managing Professional Information Overload presentation


I presented on Saturday at the KASL District I Workshop on “Tools for Managing Professional Information Overload”. The presentation was targeted at school librarians, but the information and tips presented are useful for anyone wanting tips to better manage information overload. The slides, bookmark handout, and other resources from the presentation are available below.

Session description

Struggling to keep track of all the content you need to read, watch, listen to, and share professionally to stay up-to-date, but can’t manage it all? Learn about five free, online tools, including Evernote and Diigo, that can help you manage professional information overload.

Photo Credit: “Outtake – Nooo! [Overwhelmed]” by Flickr user andres.thor under a Creative Commons license.

About the Author

Heather Braum Heather Braum is the NExpress Coordinator and Resource Sharing Librarian at NEKLS. She can be reached by phone, by email (hbraum (at), or through several online chat services (look Heather up by her email address). Visit the Staff page to learn more about when to contact Heather.