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Library Board Operations – Laura Debaun and Mike McDonald
Library Board Continuing Education – Anna Foote

Resources for Public Library Trustees

Public library trustees have various roles and responsibilities, many mandated by Kansas Statute. For complete information on your duties as a trustee, see the Kansas Public Library Trustee Manual. If you would like a printed copy of the manual, contact NEKLS staff, alternatively it can be found here:

One responsibility of trustees is to assist library directors with the NEKLS Accreditation process. Click here more information on Accreditation.

Accreditation Standards recommend that all library trustees join the Kansas Library Trustee Association (KLTA), a section of Kansas Library Association (KLA). NEKLS offers a partial reimbursement for each enrolled member.

New Trustees

Every trustee who joins a library board should participate in new trustee orientation. This is required by NEKLS Accreditation Standard 10, which states: “New trustee orientation is essential to the effective functioning of a library board.”

At a minimum, orientation should consist of:

  • Statutory Power and Duties of the Library Board
  • Board Meeting Dates, Times, Places
  • Kansas Open Meeting and Open Record Requirements
  • Board and Director Roles (pdf)
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Library’s Key Planning and Goal Documents
  • Loyalty Oath and Statement of Substantial Interest (pdf) or (docx)

Annual Trustee Training Requirement

To comply with NEKLS Accreditation Standard 9, NEKLS Trustees must complete annual Trustee Training requirements. For full details, see this document. (docx)

Ways for trustees to successfully complete the annual training requirement include:

  • Attending the annual in-person Trustee Training event sponsored by NEKLS, typically during summer
  • Attending a NEKLS-approved online or in-person class, individually or as a group, and completing the trustee training verification form found at
  • Attending part or all of the annual Kansas Library Association Conference, or another state, regional or national conference.

Specific training options are:

  • NEKLS annual Trustee Training event (typically held in early summer)
  • KOMA/KORA from Kansas Secretary of State’s office
  • Kansas Library Association Annual Conference
  • NEKLS Annual Assembly (Typically held mid-August)
  • Many other training opportunities and topics may qualify. Library Directors or Board Presidents should contact Anna Foote for approval prior to board participation.