Ricky, the Rock That Just Couldn't Rhyme / by Mr. Jay
The Greatest Treasure Hunt / by Patterson, James
Stick Dog Chases A Pizza / by Watson, Tom
Oslo Learns to Swim / by Cushman, Doug
Aaron Slater and the Sneaky Snake / by Beaty, Andrea
Here's How That Happened! #1 by Ganyon, Natalee
Dolly Parton's Billy the Kid Makes It Big / by Parton, Dolly
From Tadpole to Frog / by Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner
Marshmallow, by Newberry, Clare Turlay
10 Hungry Rabbits / by Lobel, Anita
Eggs Are Everywhere / by Wilhelm, Hans
The Guardian Test / by Soontornvat, Christina
The Secret / by Guy, Louise
Spirit / by Guy, Louise
The End / by Guy, Louise
Friendship / by Guy, Louise
Nell Plants A Tree / by Wynter, Anne
Stanley's Secret / by Sullivan, John
Just Like Grandma / by Rogers, Kim
Black Beauty / by Sewell, Anna
Brave Like That / by Stoddard, Lindsey
Very Good Hats / by Straub, Emma
Thank You, Mr. Falker / by Polacco, Patricia
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table / by Lanier, Sidney
The Diary of A Young Girl / by Frank, Anne