Two New Years / by Ho, Richard
The Story of Paintings : by Manning, Mick
Who Believes What? : by Wills, Anna
Las Mágicas y Misteriosas Aventuras de Un Bulldog Llamado Noelle / by Estefan, Gloria
Anne's School Days / by George, K
The Book of Horses :
Chameleon's Colors /
Backyard Bugs / by Baddoo, Terry
Skyscrapers : by Kerschbaum, John
The Mystery of the Stolen Statue / by Stanley, George Edward
The Secret of the Green Skin ; by Stanley, George Edward
Spy School Revolution / by Gibbs, Stuart
Eight Nights of Lights : by Kimmelman, Leslie
Kid Christmas: by Litchfield, David
The Story of the World. by Bauer, Susan Wise
The Story of the World : by Bauer, Susan Wise
Diary of A Wimpy Kid : by Kinney, Jeff
Anne Dares: Inspired by Anne of Green Gables. by George, Kallie
City of Dragons, Volume 2. Rise of the Shadowfire: by Yogis, Jaimal
Elves Are the Worst! / by Willan, Alex
Did Christopher Columbus Really Discover America? : by Berne, Emma Carlson
Can You Dance Like A Peacock? / by Rajan, Rekha S
We Disagree About This Tree / by Collins, Ross
The Christmassy Cactus / by Ferry, Beth
Otto the Ornament / by Cummings, Troy