Northeast Kansas Library System

Our Vision
We are leaders and innovators in providing exemplary library services.

Our Mission
The Northeast Kansas Library System inspires and empowers member libraries
to engage, educate and add value to their communities.

Our Strategic Initiatives and Goals
I. Provide innovative services and resources that member libraries can draw from to develop effective programs and services with & for their communities.

  •  Timely, targeted consulting.
  • Robust online resource sharing.
  • Rethink, restructure and rebrand the NExpress consortium.
  • Produce training, continuing education and professional development opportunities that empower  participants and libraries to excel.

II. NEKLS and its member libraries will communicate the value and benefits of their programs and services to their communities through advocacy, community engagement and branding.

  • Embrace the role of advocate for libraries in Kansas through collaborative educational efforts with member libraries.
  • Support member library development of stronger communities.
  • Create and model an imaginative brand image and message for NEKLS.
  • Enhance the strength of the NEKLS’ system and executive boards.

III. NEKLS and its member libraries will demonstrate the economic impact they make in their communities.

  • Increase NEKLS’ and member libraries’ ability to demonstrate economic impact.
  • Strengthen NEKLS’ capacity for fundraising and support members’ efforts to develop a culture of philanthropy in their communities.

Our Values
Equal access.
We believe all people should have equal access to information, including technology-based and other services.

Respect for member libraries.
We recognize and respect member library differences (type, size, location) in an atmosphere of mutual trust and teamwork.

Respect for people.
We value the professionalism and experience of library and system staff, boards, and volunteers. We seek recognition and rewards for library staff. We respect library users and expect members to provide excellent customer service.

We use NEKLS’ resources in an accountable manner.

We follow the highest ethical standards of honesty and openness.

Continuous improvement.
We expect and assist member libraries to continuously improve and strengthen services.

We foster communication and collaboration among and between system staff, boards, and library personnel.

We value active participation in the larger library community.

We value innovation by NEKLS staff and by staff in member libraries.

We support the ALA Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read statement.

Community Engagement.
We embrace our role as a community anchor.

We challenge ourselves to implement sustainable practices.

Resource Sharing.
We value the power of resource sharing to improve all libraries.

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