Spotlight on Morrill Public Library

The Morrill Public Library is a prime example of successfully utilizing multiple funding resources to finance a large project. The 30-year-old elevator at Morrill Public Library required a full modernization to ensure it was functional and safe. Such a significant project came with a hefty price tag, totaling more than $128,000. Erin Verbick, the Morrill Public Library Director, along with her staff and Board, got creative to secure the necessary funding for the renovation.

Cassidy pushes a book truck off the soon to be updated elevator
Cassidy pushes a book truck off the soon to be updated elevator.

A combination of various funding resources was used to fully fund the project. These included an accessibility grant from NEKLS, a grant from the Sunderland Foundation, and fundraising efforts by the Friends of the Library, among other initiatives. Erin also collaborated with her Board to secure donations from local businesses and individuals. A particularly effective strategy was a personal ask from the Board Chair and other Board members to community leaders.… Read the rest