Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) is one of seven Kansas Regional Systems of Cooperating Libraries. NEKLS is dedicated to providing universal access to exceptional library service through its 117 member libraries (11 academic; 48 public; 50 school districts; 8 special) in the 14 counties of Northeast Kansas through the cooperation and peer support of NEKLS member libraries, and the assistance of the NEKLS staff of library consultants. NEKLS is governed by a System Board composed of one representative from each member library, the members of the Executive Board and eleven members appointed by the taxing counties of the System.

Vision Statement

We are leaders and innovators in providing exemplary library services.

Mission Statement

The Northeast Kansas Library System inspires and empowers member libraries to engage, educate and add value to their communities.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Road Map of the Northeast Kansas Library System

Staff Members

Mike McDonald

System Director

Anna Foote

Youth Services

Robin Hastings

Library Services

Dan Alexander

Technology Resources

Jessi Harris

Information Resources

Lisa Miller

Financial Manager

George Williams

Catalog Coordinator

Caroline Handwork

Courier Coordinator

Greg Gantz

Technology Specialist

Executive Board