Capture the Adventure – June Photo Contest Winners

Before we close down shop at NEKLS for the extended holiday weekend (wahoo!), I am pleased to announce the winners of the June 2024 Capture the Adventure Summer Reading Photo Contest. I wanted to preface this announcement by thanking everyone who submitted photos and mentioning that I greatly underestimated how difficult choosing a first, second, and third place winner would be. Even if you didn’t “win” this month, I hope you will consider submitting photos for July and August. Additionally, every submission that isn’t recognized is still entered for the drawing at the end of the summer. The next time we need a great photo to illustrate the amazing work happening in public libraries, we will have a ton of great photos to choose from – for that, I thank you!

-Dan Alexander

Capture the Adventure – June 2024

In first place is a photo submitted by Traci Smith from Carbondale City Library.

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