COVID 19 Resources and Best Practices from NEKLS

NEKLS has put together a document for our libraries for the COVID 19 pandemic that outlines some best practices that your library can use to help guide your response to this situation.

BestPractices_COVID_19_PDF – Best Practices document

Resources and sample policies

2020 Summer Library Workshop Wrap-Up

2020 Summer Library Workshop Wrap-Up

On March 10th, about 50 NEKLS youth services librarians met at the Lawrence Public Library for the 2020 Summer Library Workshop. Thank you to everyone that was able to make it!

Here are the handouts from the workshop:

2020 Summer Library Workshop Agenda

Imagine Your Story – Sherry Norfolk

Imagine Your Story PowerPoint – Sherry Norfolk

Early Literacy Programming from the Manual – Bradley Debrick

Children’s Programming from the Manual – Patrick Peterson and Rebecca Grizzell

Teen Programming from the Manual – Christi McKenzie

2020 Summer Library Program Workshop

2020 Summer Library Program Workshop

2020 Summer Library Program Workshop—registration now open

Imagine Your Story

Join NEKLS staff, and your colleagues from across the region, for a day of sharing and fun! NEKLS Summer Library Workshop will happen at Lawrence Public Library on Tuesday, March 10.

Registration is now available for the workshop, featuring storyteller and trainer Sherry Norfolk.

Here’s your agenda for the day.

Here is the map for parking.

The registration fee is $10, which includes lunch and snacks, plus tons of great content!

Pay by cash, check, or credit card at the event. To pay in advance: mail a check to the NEKLS office.

Register by Friday, February 28th.

This project is funded in part through the Federal Library Services and Technology Act, with funds awarded to the State Library of Kansas by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services. 

Information for Tax Year 2020

Information for Tax Year 2020

Information for Tax Year 2020 – webinar sponsored by the Kansas Regional Library Systems

On January 24th, Tiffany Hentschel, HR Specialist for Johnson County Government, presented a webinar on behalf of the Kansas Regional Library Systems. She addressed federal tax forms, I-9 and W-4 and the Kansas tax withholding form (K-4).

Here is a recording of her session:

If you would like access to Tiffany’s slides, here they are.

Tiffany’s slides

Here are links to the forms:



Effective 1/31/2020, employers should begin using this updated I-9 form. For more information, visit I-9 Central or join a free Form I-9 webinar

Here is a link to the I-9 compliance memo that Tiffany created. If you are correcting (or finally completing) I-9s for your employees, fill out this memo for each I-9 and attach.

Compliance Memo

Tiffany welcomes your questions; contact her at: tiffanyhentschel (at) gmail (dot) com

Several questions came up during the session. See below for answers:

Quickbooks: One of the webinar participants checked her updated version of Quickbooks and reports: “We are now given two options now for federal tax withholding. There is a drop down menu for W-4 and you select ‘2019 and Prior’ or ‘2020 and Later’.”

Responses from Tiffany:

Laminated and Signed Social Security Cards:

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website’s Form I-9 Central Questions and Answers include this guidance in response to a question asking whether a laminated Social Security card is valid: “It depends. If the card states on the back ‘not valid if laminated,’ then the laminated Social Security card is not valid. The Social Security Administration (SSA) advises cardholders not to laminate Social Security cards. Metal or plastic reproductions of Social Security cards are not acceptable for Form I-9 purposes.” The Q&As also state, “A signature on the card is not required for the card to be valid. You may accept an unsigned Social Security card as long as the card reasonably appears to be genuine and to relate to the person presenting it.”

Drivers’ Licenses – Real ID – List A/List B Documents:

I cannot find any indication on the website or other law blogs that the Real ID will be considered a Column A document.  This is the reference I did find:

Is a state-issued driver’s license with the notation “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY,” “NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR OFFICIAL FEDERAL PURPOSES,” or other similar notation on the front or back of the license an acceptable List B document?

Yes. The notation “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY,” “NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR OFFICIAL FEDERAL PURPOSES” or a similar notation on the front or back of a state-issued driver’s license indicates it does not meet the standards for the issuance and production of a compliant card under the REAL ID Act (for information on REAL ID, see

A driver’s license with this type of notation is, however, an acceptable List B document if it contains a photograph or identifying information such as name, date of birth, sex, height, color of eyes, and address. An employer must examine the document presented by its employee and determine whether it meets Form I-9 requirements. If the employer accepts any , including a state-issued license with a limiting notation, as a List B document, the employer must also examine a List C document establishing employment authorization.

2020 Required Labor Law Posters

2020 Required Labor Law Posters

Many of you may be receiving advertisements for ready-made labor law posters. Remember that libraries do not need to purchase labor law posters to meet state and federal requirements. You can print them out for free! You do not need to keep old, or outdated posters. As long as you have the current posters displayed, you are meeting the requirements.

Here is the link to the State of Kansas required posters:

Here is the link to the Federally required posters:

Printing the posters on standard-sized printing paper is perfectly acceptable. Just be sure to display the posters where your employees can easily view them.

If you would like to have NEKLS print the posters for you, email