Are you the person that has been charged with updating the computers in your library? Does this weekly or bi-weekly challenge feel more like a dreaded ice-storm rather than a breeze? The goal of this tutorial is to aid any person tasked with updating computers that typically remain in a frozen state running the Deep Freeze software. This article covers thawing the patron computers and updating the system’s Applications, Antivirus, and Operating System. If there is an Administrator and Patron account on the machine, then the Administrator account should be used to install the updates.

Thawing the System

  • Locate the Deep Freeze icon in your Windows system tray
    • Located in the bottom right corner of the desktop, next to the clock
    • You may need to click on Show Hidden Icons to reveal the Deep Freeze icon
    • The icon looks like a polar bear face on a green circle
    • If it is an older install it may look like a white iceberg on a blue background
  • Hold down the shift key, and double left click on the icon
  • Type in the password (See your System Administrator)
  • Choose Boot Thawed
  • Click on Apply and Reboot
  • System will then reboot into a thawed state, where changes can be permanently made

Updating Applications, i.e. Firefox, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java

  • Rather than individually updating commonly used applications through their respective menus or pop-up notifications it is recommended  that Ninite be used
    • Ninite is an automation utility that can not only install commonly used software, but can also be used in the future to make sure the software is up to date
    • To install the free Ninite program go to
    • Check which programs your library needs installed/updated
      • Select any Browsers you use, i.e Firefox
      • Select the various Runtime options, i.e. Flash, Shockwave
      • Select Document software, i.e. Adobe Reader
      • At the bottom of the page click on Get Installer
      • Run the Ninite software (after it runs you may remove unwanted shortcuts from the desktop, next time you run Ninite they won’t reappear)
      • The installer can be left on the desktop to be used to run future updates

Updating the System Antivirus

  • Once the system is in a thawed state the installed Antivirus will permanently update the most current malware “definitions”
  • If the installed Antivirus program fails to update automatically (the program will notify you that you are at risk), then open the program and manually begin the update
    • Check out the links below, search Google, or contact your System Administrator for help with running definition updates for your particular Antivirus

Updating the Operating System

  • There are two options for running Windows/Microsoft updates: Manual or Automatic
    • Manual Updates
      • Locate the program Windows Update or Microsoft Update from the Start Menu
      • This will launch Internet Explorer
      • Select run Critical Updates
      • The Updates will download the user will then be required to select Install Updates
      • Once the updates have been successfully installed click on Restart Now
      • See this link for complete instructions: Updating Windows XP
    • Automatic Updates
      • Automatic Updates can be turned on and off from the Control Panel’s Security Center
      • Automatic Updates are best used when there is a time computers can be left on in a thawed state with updates scheduled to happen during that time, such as during closed library hours
      • For help with turning Automatic Updates on/off look at the links below, try searching Google for step by step instructions or contact your System Administrator

Freezing the System

  • It is important that any machine that has been updated be allowed to reboot back into a thawed state after any changes have been made, or they will not be finalized
  • To freeze the system follow the same steps used above to thaw, but instead choose Boot Frozen before selecting Apply and Reboot

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Photo Credit:Polar Bear” by Flickr user xrayspx under a Creative Commons License