Affordable Care Act and Notice of Coverage Options

One of the outcomes of implementation of the Affordable Care Act is that all employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act are required to provide to all employees a Notice of Coverage Options.  Although there is no requirement to distribute this notice to all employees on an annual basis, employers must provide all new employees with a copy of the notice within fourteen days of their start date.

There are two separate forms – one for employers who offer a group health plan to some or all employees, and another for employers who do not offer health insurance at all.  These forms may be found at:

Providing health insurance for library employees

If your library would like to explore your options for providing health insurance to employees, please contact the NEKLS office for assistance.

Employees not offered employer-sponsored health insurance may find information on individual health insurance options at where they can:

  • Explore the Marketplace
  • See Plans and Prices
  • Apply for Coverage

Call the Marketplace Call Center at 800-318-2596

Facebook page at

Follow @HealthCareGov on Twitter

Adding the Widget To Your KLOW Site

Log into your site at
Click on Appearance –> Widgets in the dashboard left sidebar
Click and Drag the “Text” Widget in the middle of the page to the sidebar where the widget will live on the right
Click on the down arrow to open the new Text Widget
Enter a Title if you want one to show up on your page
Copy the widget’s code below into the body box below the Title field

<iframe title=”Get quick answers about your coverage options from the Health Insurance Marketplace” src=”” height=”250″ width=”300″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Adjust the height and width attributes in the code above to fit your site
Click on the Save button
View the site to ensure the widget is displaying correctly
If not, contact Robin ( for assistance.