Heather and I had suggested to the libraries that use the KLOW website hosting service that perhaps they should hold off on updating to WordPress 3.5. It messed up some of the Javascript in the admin pages, making editing websites very difficult and had some other issues as well. As of yesterday, however, WordPress 3.5.1 is out and those bugs seem to be fixed. I’ve installed it in our www.nekls.org site and re-enabled the Google Analytics plugin that broke when the previous update was applied. It now works. I can, with a warning that the amount of testing done has been pretty meager, recommend that libraries go ahead and update to the newest version of WordPress 3.5.1, especially since there are some significant security updates in this version.
For more information on what has changed in this version, including the bugs that have been fixed, you can take a look at the Version 3.5.1 release notes. For step-by-step instructions on updating WordPress – including backing up your current site – check out the instructions in the WordPress Codex.
As always, if you run into issues or have problems, please feel free to contact me at rhastings@nekls.org.