Burlingame Community Library – Accessibility Grant

In 2023, the Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) awarded several grants aimed at enhancing accessibility in our member public libraries. As the grant reports start pouring in from across the region, the results are nothing short of impressive. We extend our thanks to all our member libraries for their commitment to making their spaces accessible and inclusive, ensuring they serve every member of their communities effectively.

How many times do we enter and exit doors without much thought to whether it’s accessible?

-B. Shaffer

Brandi Shaffer, the director of Burlingame Community Library, utilized her grant to create a significant improvement in library accessibility: a new entrance complete with an automatic accessible door. This upgrade is a substantial enhancement over the old setup, which included a pair of doors where one was notably heavy and cumbersome. The new automatic door simplifies access for everyone, especially benefiting those with mobility challenges.

Reflecting on the Project

In reflecting on the accessibility project, Brandi Shaffer wrote:

“I knew those who use the library regularly would be grateful, and also staff… What I didn’t expect was that the general public, those who don’t frequent the library, would take notice of the new door and be vocal and appreciative as well.… Read the rest