Assembly 2017 Wrap-Up

On August 10, 2017, more than 120 people from the NEKLS region gathered to conduct the 2017 Annual Meeting and Assembly. Here are a few photos of the day: Assembly Pictures (Google Photos).

Annual Business Meeting

During the business meeting, 72 representatives voted. The 2018 System Budget was approved. Here is a copy of the 2018 System Plan and Budget Estimate: 2018 System Plan (pdf).

Six people were elected to fill roles on the Executive Board. They are:

  • Carolyn Groves, Douglas County Representative
  • Emily Burgdorf, Miami County Representative
  • Joanne Noll, Brown County Representative
  • Marcia Philbrick, Nemaha County Representative
  • Sandra Morris, Jackson County Representative
  • Sarah Walker-Hitt, Osage County Representative

Also during the business meeting, the following officers were announced:

  • Carol Levers, President
  • Thad Hartman, Vice-President
  • Kimberlie Pelsma, Secretary
  • Sean Bird, Treasurer

Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

Each year, NEKLS asks member libraries to nominate outstanding volunteers for recognition at Assembly. This year, we had eight truly outstanding nominations. The selection committee decided to honor all eight nominations.

Today, NEKLS staff and executive board recognizes and appreciates the contributions of hundreds of volunteers at public, school and academic libraries throughout our region.

  • Super Volunteer Presentation (pdf, notes)

Continuing Education Assembly

Assembly featured two presenters, State Representative Stephanie Clayton and national library advocate Patrick “PC” Sweeney.

Representative Clayton spoke on “Citizens’ Privacy in a Media-Filled World” (pdf).
For more information about Stephanie, see this short biography: Stephanie Clayton Biography (pdf).

PC Sweeney presented on From Advocates to Activists and Power Mapping. For a similar presentation to the one he used at Assembly, see SlideShare.

We recorded PC’s presentation. If you would like a link to the video, contact Anna Foote.

For more information on PC, see this short biography: PC Sweeeny Biography (pdf).

2018 Annual Meeting and Assembly

The 2018 Annual Meeting and Assembly will be held on Thursday, August 9 at a location to be announced. Hope to see you there!