After much deliberation, NEKLS decided to cancel the annual trustee training that was organized for June 4, 5, and 6. We recognize that COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s ability to meet in-person, face-to-face, and to share productive discussion and learning, but we urge library boards to continue their momentum in their professional development.

We recommend that library directors use a webinar or webinars to spark conversation around a topic (or topics) that relate(s) to the library’s policy needs; these are preferably “big-picture” topics. One option for training would be to access WebJunction webinars, but other webinars could be used to introduce topics that a director wishes to explore. More online learning opportunities can be found at Trustees could watch the chosen webinar independently and at the following board meeting speak about one key thing they learned. Directors should preview the webinar to ensure it meets their goals for trustee learning.

Please alert Jesse Harris (jharris at once a quorum of your library’s trustees has successfully completed training, incrementally or in one session, but for no less than 1.5 hours. September 1st is the deadline to ensure third quarter accreditation grant payments are not delayed.

Now is also a good time to review all current accreditation standards, and to determine if any trustees require orientation or clarification from NEKLS consultants.

WebJunction – Webinars for Trustees

WebJunction offers webinars, most one-hour in length, covering an array of topics.  While most are intended for library directors or library staff, several would be directly appropriate for trustees.

Access & Equity

Assessment, Evaluation & Planning

Friends, Trustees & Volunteers

Organizational Management