It is time to open voting for this year’s MUSTIES – Hooray! A huge thank you to our participants, we had ten fantastic submissions this year. A representative from each member library is invited to choose their picks for the top three MUSTIE or WORST items weeded from collections in 2023. Each member library (public, school, academic, or special) is welcome to cast their vote using this Google Form: See the submissions below. Thanks for playing, and more importantly, for weeding your collections this year!

  1. The Complete Works of Shakespeare
  1. Bargain Bride
  1. The Red Pony
  1. Mozart (1966)
  1. Boba Fett: Crossfire
  1. Winter Dance
  1. The Little Engine that Could
  1. Class Clown
  1. The American Heritage History of the American People
  1. ‘85 Consumer Reports