Save the date for our annual trustee training opportunity, our presenter, Becky Heil, will lead a conversation on privacy in the library. This will be a live event on Zoom, but will be recorded for viewing on demand. Register today:!

Psst: Can You Keep a secret?

Why is protecting our patron’s privacy so important-don’t millennials just share everything anyway?  And, besides, doesn’t Kansas have sunshine laws which require open records for government agencies? We’ll explore the responsibilities that libraries have to keep our records confidential, looking at the issues from legal and ethical positions.

Becky Heil is currently a consultant/trainer with the State Library of Iowa, assigned to the Southeast District Office, covering 22 counties and 92 of the state’s libraries. She provides classes for library boards and staff on a variety of topics; her favorites being collection development, readers’ advisory and other public services.  Becky was formerly the director of the Dubuque County Library System and served as president and treasurer of the Association for Rural & Small Libraries.

Q: Will NEKLS notify trustees directly about this and other training opportunities?
A: No the library director is our contact for library related business.
Q: What if the library cannot get a quorum or the director to attend the live session?
A: The live presentation will be more engaging, and participants can ask questions, so we encourage attending the session live. The remaining board members (or director) can watch the recording at their leisure, and then the group can have a rich follow up discussion. NEKLS can help you plan how you will meet the standard.
Q: How do we let NEKLS know our library has met this annual continuing education standard?
A: Contact Jessi Harris, prior to September 10th, to avoid a delay on third quarter distributions.
Q: Does the director or do the board members need to fill out and submit a form to certify that training has been completed?
A: No, there is no form. The public library director should email Jessi Harris once the training has been fully completed, and simply state how the training standard was met.
Q: What if we already notified Jessi that our library has met the annual accreditation standard?
A: No need to do anything, thanks for completing the requirement.
Q: Our library likes in person training, when will this opportunity return?
A: So far, it is looking like a traditional trustee training event(s) will return in June 2022. Please, let Dan know if you have topic or presenter suggestions for board/director continuing education.