NEKLS School Library Covid Relief Grant Offers Announced

August 13, 2020

The Northeast Kansas Library System Staff and Executive Board enthusiastically announce a COVID relief grant program exclusively for NEKLS school library members. We have offered $80,000 in competitive grants to school libraries that serve any combination of students aged K-12. All applicants were members of Northeast Kansas Library System. 

Schools were able to apply for up to $5,000 in grant funds, to be used to offset the purchase of materials and/or technology to help ease the disruption COVID-19 caused in our education system. 

In all, NEKLS received 47 grant applications from schools or districts. Grant offers were extended to 41 applicants, representing 51 schools in 18 districts. 

Here are the grant offers that were made:

NEKLS School Library Covid Relief Grants – announced amounts – published

In awarding grants, the selection committee prioritized three aspects: 

  • e-content (databases and ebooks) 
  • safety (materials for curbside/classroom book delivery, materials quarantine and social distancing)
  • traditional library media (print books) 

Each proposal was unique, and NEKLS recognizes that each school has unique needs. We ask that school libraries use funds to the best effect for the learning and safety needs of each particular situation. Grantees will be required to to complete financial and narrative reports to assist NEKLS in evaluating this program.