Do you have a wishlist? Many of our libraries have lists of things they really want to get – when the budget allows or when someone donates some money to the library. You can speed up the process of getting those things by using an online wishlist service! Both Amazon’s wishlist and the Wishlistr site will allow you to quickly set up lists of things that you’d like people to donate to your library.

The Wishlistr site lets you find items from anywhere on the web and add them to the list with a single click. Ottawa Library has an account with 41 items ranging from 12 embroidery hoops for the children’s department to a Kindle Paper White ereader to a wall mount book shelf. Donors can peruse the list, decide what they are comfortable giving and buy the item easily online. The Wishlistr service is free and pretty easy to use!

Amazon also has wish lists that, with the aid of a little button you add to your browser’s toolbar, can be used for any site on the Internet as well. You can add anything in the Amazon site to your wishlist and people can just order the items for you directly from there – no need to worry about shipping information and, if the donor has an Amazon account, no need for them to have to create a new account at a new website.

Either way, the ability to direct people who are interested in supporting the library to a list that makes it easy for them to do so is a huge benefit and something that many of you may want to consider. Feel free to contact us here at NEKLS if you need any help getting this set up – we’ve set one up for ourselves, too!