The State Library of Kansas has announced that it will be providing the Elluminate web based conference service to Kansas libraries. Elluminate will be funded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the next 14 months.  The State Library hopes to develop a consortium of libraries to continue funding for Elluminate after 2011.

Elluminate is a flexiible online conference and meeting service that will allow libraries to participate in online training and schedule online meetings. Elluminate features include:

  • Free floating licenses that can be used with all moderators and participants (Not assigned to any individual.)
  • All 20 moderators can use the licenses at any given time without scheduling conflicts and can have simultaneous sessions going on.
  • Maximum capacity for each session is 700.
  • The admin tool allows users to schedule sessions, report on attendance, edit recordings, convert recordings to various formats and put the recordings on your own server with Publish.
  • Plan allows you to preplan and save content to preload into your sessions.

Be looking for more information about Elluminate in the near future.