With all of the methods you can use to contact NEKLS, deciding which method to use for a particular situation can be tricky. You can always call us at (785) 838-4090 for any kind of issue – someone will be around who can help you out. If you have a problem with Koha after-hours or during the weekend, you can call the Koha help line at (785) 813-1356. For some things that aren’t necessarily emergencies, however, you might find that using an email to send us your question or concern works better. Most of the tech staff check their email obsessively – even overnight and over the weekend and while on vacation – so sending an email to tech@nekls.org will usually get a response pretty quickly, no matter when you send it. Another option for help with the Koha catalog – for non-emergency issues you might have – is the nexpresshelp@nekls.org email address. Sending to either of these addresses ensures that multiple people get the message, which ensures that someone will be able to do something about it quickly – sending email to individuals at NEKLS risks an email getting lost in the shuffle or having it arrive during a vacation where email and Internet access may be limited.
We want you to be able to contact us easily and reliably – making use of either the phone numbers or the email groups we have set up will help us help you!