Happiness at Work (PCI Webinar)

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Happiness at Work (PCI Webinar)

March 27 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm

Happiness, a wonderful and elusive emotion linked to a better quality of living can be developed. Being happy changes your thoughts and emotions which ultimately changes your behaviors. Happy people are more fun to be around, tend to be healthier, and more productive!  

In this lighthearted look at happiness discover the science of happiness, the health benefits, and specific ways to boost happiness while being mindful of the conundrum that directly pursuing happiness can backfire and leave us less happy. 

This program will explore: 

  1. The science of happiness  
  2. Steps you can take to become happier  
  3. Ways you can help others become happier  

Laura Greco ~ Biography 

Laura Greco, RN, MEd is a certified wellness coach and speaker who facilitates learning and changing habits. She helps professionals eliminate burnout, manage stress, create life balance, and rekindle their sense of purpose and joy. Self-care (body, mind, and spirit) is the basis for well-being and we all have the capacity to make positive lifestyle changes are 2 of her foundational beliefs. 

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