Does every NEKLS library have access to Hoopla?

No. Only public libraries are able to use this service at this time. This isn’t NEKLS decision. It is Hoopla’s, based on the licensing agreements they have worked out with the studios and publishers.

What is the point of having the Hoopla service?

In a nutshell, Hoopla serves two main purposes for the library:

1. To provide our “digital-friendly” patrons a source of content that is reasonably broad and easily accessible.

2. To supplement our libraries’ existing DVD, CD and MP3 collections through additional choices and “deep catalog” or “long tail” content that is less easy for libraries to locate and purchase.

Moreover, Hoopla is library- and patron-friendly, demonstrating ease of use and dependability that has been missing from other platforms to date.

Why can’t I find the most popular movies on Hoopla?

Hoopla is not meant to be a replacement service for video, audiobooks, or music. In other words, it does not seek to duplicate the content available in other formats title-for-title in the digital environment. You can think of Hoopla as a supplementary service to the movies, books and audiobooks your library currently buys from the big studios and publishers. Hoopla cannot replace your DVD, Blu-Ray and audio format purchasing for box office hits, bestsellers, and “big author” fiction titles.

Instead, Hoopla offers content that complements these purchases. While these are NOT the bestsellers or new theatrical releases, they ARE titles that almost any library would buy if their budgets allowed.

The one area where Hoopla really stands out as a peerless digital content provider is in its music catalog. Hoopla has a very impressive and extensive catalog of music in many genres. And Hoopla music lending encompasses entire albums or multi-disc sets. It’s a nice alternative to the “per-song” buying model that iTunes and Amazon use in the consumer world.

Does Hoopla add new titles? How often?

Hoopla offers over 200,000 unique titles across all formats.  Hoopla adds new titles on a weekly and monthly basis, and is preparing to add eBooks and graphic novels to the platform as well.  Hoopla encourages partner libraries to follow along with content update announcements that are posted at Hoopla’s library blog,