From Jeff Hixon on KANLIB:

The “Register for a Temporary Card” option for the Kansas Library Card will be discontinued on Friday, March 11, 2011. As was the case in the original version of the card, only library staff will be able to create new accounts.

We have seen a dramatic increase in misuse of this service to gain unauthorized access, and you are probably aware of the headaches audio- and e-book users encounter with expired cards and “lost” holds.

Current temporary cards will continue to work until they are verified by a library or expire.

You can continue to verify temporary cards for those who can provide proof of residency, while those whose 30-day clock is still ticking are in the system. If you need your library’s Login and Password for creating accounts, send email to ¬†

Thanks for the ten years of help and support you have provided with the Kansas Library Card!