Kan-ed is considering three options for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2011, that respond to the 40% reduction in its funding from the Kansas Universal Service Fund. The good news is that the Kan-ed T-1 Internet service will continue without change. However, the future of that service after June 30, 2012 remains uncertain.

Unfortunately all budget options include drastic reductions of 20%, 50% 0r 100% in funding for research databases, and they all totally eliminate funding for the tutor.com service. A spreadsheet of the budget options is at Kan-ed_Budget_Number_2012_Scenario. Regardless of which option is selected two things are clear:

  1. There will be a substantial reduction in database funding after July 1.
  2. Libraries will need to make a major advocacy effort to restore this funding or even to prevent the total elimination of Kan-ed in 2012.