A browser’s cache is stored data that expedites the loading of web content. When you clear it, you get rid of the old data so that you can replace it with current data.

If you are having irregular behavior in koha since the upgrade to 3.14, i.e. you cannot login or searches are acting buggy, then you need to clear your cache.

The instructions below assume your Firefox browser is set to the classic configuration. If you have the modern configuration, with an orange Firefox tab at the top left corner of your browser, refer to the youtube video linked below.

How To

In the Firefox browser, that you use to access koha, you will click on the Tool menu (This is the menu option at the top of your screen next to File, Edit, History, Bookmarks). Under the Tool menu you will now see Options, click on it.  A new window will open, look for the tab labeled Privacy and click on it.  Under this tab’s heading select clear your recent history (near the bottom third of the window). A new window will open. There is a dropdown box at the top of the new window, set it to Everything (not Last Hour). Below this area is a triangle next to Details, click the triangle to expand the hidden options. There are a series of check-marks, you only need to have a checkmark next to Cache. Click on Clear Now. The process that now takes place can take a minute or longer, be patient, you may even notice a message saying “Firefox is unresponsive”. When it appears that you once again have access to the Firefox browser, close and reopen it. Your cache should now successfully be cleared.

If you need any help give me a call or email and I will walk you through the steps or remote in to your machine. Alternatively check out these resources: