On three recent days, Library Board Members and Directors from throughout the NEKLS region participated in training sessions, “Policies for Results”, presented by Bonnie McKewon, consultant and trainer from the State Library of Iowa.

This training was offered as one way for Trustees to complete the continuing education (CE) requirement of the NEKLS Accreditation Standards.

If you attended the training in person

Thank you for taking the time to further your learning as a library Trustee. Your attendance has been registered to count towards your library’s CE requirement. If you would like to revisit the training content or materials, see the links below.

If you did not attend training

Your board can use Policies for Results to satisfy its CE requirement, by watching the video recording of Bonnie’s presentation.

There are two ways to access the video—DVDs are being made available through NExpress. Or you may view it online. Video use is restricted to NEKLS members, so the link has been sent out to library directors. Contact your director for access.

Here are the steps to complete your part of the CE requirement:

You must complete this form for your library to receive credit for your attendance.

Boards may also choose an alternate form of training. For more information on completing the education requirement. Discuss options with your library director, see the NEKLS Trustee Information web page, or contact a NEKLS consultant.

To comply with the Accreditation Standards, each board must have at least a quorum of its members complete approved training by September 14, 2018. NEKLS staff will notify directors when their boards have satisfied the requirement. In the meantime, we welcome your questions!