More than 60 librarians and volunteers who serve kids and teens joined together for a day of learning and idea sharing in Topeka on Monday, March 6th. Together, we’ll make Summer Reading 2017 the best yet!

First and foremost, tell us what you thought. (link: ) This survey will close on March 22nd.

Here are some resources from the day:
Sherry Hess, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, gave tours of the new Learn & Play Bus, “Your child’s mobile preschool.”
Sherry Norfolk agenda
Sherry Norfolk resource list
Breakout EDU

Ready to decorate? These dies are available from NEKLS for checkout, or bring your paper and come use them at the NEKLS office. (links:; )

Didn’t win the door prize you had your eye on? Sorry, but maybe you can get your own! (link:

Looking to book some great performers? Check out this directory. (link: ) And be sure to ask other libraries for referrals!

Also, if your library is a NEKLS member, you qualify for a Summer Reading Performer Mileage Reimbursement grant.  You might also try asking your neighbor libraries to book presenters together. Many performers will reduce their rates if they are able to do multiple performances in a region.

And remember to get credit for all the great work you do this summer! Here is a sheet that lists the summer reading-related statistics the state library requires. The numbers will be reported online, and NEKLS staff will send out a link to the form toward the end of summer. (link: summer reading statistics sheet)