On three days in June, Library Board Members and Directors from throughout the NEKLS region participated in training sessions, Toward Tech Savvy Trustees, presented by Bonnie McKewon, consultant and trainer from the State Library of Iowa.

This training was offered as one way for Trustees to complete the continuing education (CE) requirement under number 9 of the NEKLS accreditation standards.

If you attended the training

Thank you for taking the time to further your learning as a library Trustee. Your attendance has been registered to count towards your library’s CE requirement.

As we promised at the sessions, Robin has completed the handouts on how to access some of the NEKLS- and State Library-subsidized eResources, including Hoopla, Flipster, Explora and Mango Languages. You may access the instruction sheets here: NEKLS and State Library eResource Instructions.

We have also created a Symbaloo page that links to many of the resources Robin and Bonnie mention, Symbaloo. On this page, you will find the resources you need before, during and after watching the video.

If you did not attend training

Your board can use Toward Tech Savvy Trustees to satisfy its 2017 CE requirement, by watching the video recording of Bonnie’s presentation. The video use is restricted – if you did not receive the link through email, please email Anna (afoote@nekls.org) to get access.

Here are the steps to complete your part of the CE requirement:

  1. Have (print or digital) copies of these handouts available for all viewers.
  2. Watch the video, Toward Tech Savvy Trustees.
  3. Discuss with colleagues and complete the Take-Away Worksheet.
  4. Fill out this short form to verify your attendance. http://bit.ly/2r3z7xp.

You must complete this form for your library to receive credit for your attendance.

Boards may also choose an alternate form of training. Contact a NEKLS consultant for details.

If you have questions, ask Anna afoote@nekls.org.

Image used under CC0 license from https://www.pexels.com/photo/notes-macbook-study-conference-7102/.