Want to feel more on top of your time and task management?

Join us on Zoom, Tuesday December 6th at 1pm, for this hour long session covering tools that help with time management.

“Effective use of calendars, to do lists, and goal setting tools can help you be more productive and feel less stressed. Join this online Zoom session for a fun and interactive tour of tools and techniques. It will be time well spent!”

Our presenter is Brenda Hough, whose forthcoming book, Crash Course in Time Management for Library Staff, will be published in April by Libraries Unlimited.

The session was archived at YouTube –¬†https://youtu.be/709hiiZHKqo and there are a list of resources that Brenda offered here:

Driven to Distraction at Work by Edward Hallowell
Getting Things Done by David Allen
I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam

168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Other Resources:

Christine Carter https://www.christinecarter.com
Five Minute Librarian http://www.5minlib.com/
Harvard Business Review (frequent articles regarding productivity) http://www.hbr.org
Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/

Join us next week for a look at Evernote, the note-taking and life-organizing tool with Robin Hastings

Log on to Zoom at: kslib.zoom.us/j/644432424
This meeting will be recorded and archived.