2022 Labor Law Posters

A new year brings a reminder to display labor law posters. Many of you may be receiving advertisements for ready-made labor law posters. Remember that libraries do not need to purchase labor law posters to meet state and federal requirements. You can print them out for free! You do not need to keep old, or outdated posters. As long as you have the current posters displayed, you are meeting the requirements.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider regarding access for onsite and remote employees:

  • Employers should continue to post hard copies at work, ensuring all workers can access the notices. This strategy helps satisfy a requirement to keep notices posted “at all times.”

  • Strictly electronic posting is only allowed if all employees work remotely all the time, all communication is electronic, and all employees have ready access to the electronic posting at all times.

  • When some employees work onsite and others remotely, the posters must appear physically and must be electronically available.

  • For an electronic posting to meet access requirements, employees must be able to view a file without requesting permission.

  • Employers must make sure they let employees know where and how to access the electronic notice. Just as with paper postings, the electronic version must be somewhere obvious, not in the electronic equivalent of a basement storage closet.

  • Advice: Include all required posters in your online employee handbook. Periodically remind employees how to access the information.

Here is the link to the State of Kansas required posters:

Here is the link to the Federally required posters:

Printing the posters on standard-sized printing paper is perfectly acceptable.

Please contact me if you have questions or need assistance in accessing the posters.

Anne Woods