Drum roll, please. The people have spoken, and we have a stand out winner, and a tight race for who would claim in the second and third place spots for the second annual MUSTIES. This year we had submissions from academic, school, and public library members, and our winners are from all three of these library types as well! Coincidentally, all three are also members of the Next consortium.

First Place

Pathology of Tumors, submitted by Highland Community College

Second Place (tie)

Ghost Towns of Kansas, submitted by Richmond Public Library

Horton Hears a Who, submitted by Prairies Hills USD 113


2021 was a heck of a year, and even the MUSTIES were not immune (pun intended) to the mire. The organizer initially left off submissions from Bonner Springs City Library (a TMNT album & a Luke Perry book), and also a submission from the KU Wheat Law Library (A Woman’s Dress for Success book)–surely litigation will follow.

Thank You

The organizer and parent organization, NEKLS, wish to thank everyone who submitted and voted in this year’s MUSTIES, and more importantly to thank all the libraries who weeded your library’s collection so that it will be lean and mean in 2022. We will be contacting the winners to provide them with their prizes. Over the next 11 months, take a picture of weeded items that you are sure have a chance of winning the third annual MUSTIES!

Photo Credit: Trophies, by Flickr user Brad K., (CC BY 2.0).