Privacy is becoming more and more important to our patrons and they are looking for information on how to protect their privacy while online. The San Jose library has put together a Virtual Privacy Lab¬†that they are making available to anyone who wants to use it. You can link directly to it from your website or give out the URL ( to your patrons via bookmarks or flyers or in a class – however you think they’ll best appreciate the information!

One thing that you might want to do, however, is create a page like¬† – it’s a succinct and clear explanation of what San Jose’s Public Library does and does not do in regards to patron personal information. If you create a page like this on your library, you can refer patrons to it, instead of to the San Jose page, for an overview of what you do to protect them. Please feel free to contact me (Robin – if you have questions or if you want more information on privacy and libraries!