Happened to be browsing the ALA TechSource site and visited their blog when I saw this post by Kate Sheehan – Fines, Day Cares and Ebooks: How Is Your Library Assigning Value.

Anything that has to do with fines sparks my interest, so I read the article and was intrigued by a lot of what she said, especially the study of a day care where parents who failed to pick up their kids on time and what they did about it.  The findings weren’t what I expected and cast doubt on the conventional wisdom about overdue fines.

She also talks about eBooks, a topic of much discussion in the office and around the System.  So much so, we’re dedicating two breakout sessions to it at Tech Day!  Why can’t eBooks be loaned like regular books?  Do we value them more than Books? More than DVDs?

Just like Kate, I have to confess that I don’t know the answers to many of those questions either and look forward to the upcoming LJ eBook Summit to learn more.  I thought her post was thought-provoking and wanted to share it.  Comments are welcome – what are your questions about eBooks?