At the NEKLS Spring Assembly, we asked attendees to jot down what they “geek” on a slip of paper. We received really interesting responses, including civic engagement, Lord of the Rings, cowboys & horses, culinary arts, golf, Facebook, gardening, bird-watching, movies, sewing, quilting, dzogchen, selling used furniture, Limousin cattle, learning, Sookie Stackhouse, grandkids, reading, illustrations, dead people (genealogy), and more. It was fun to not only share our own passions and interests, but also to find out about the unusual and fascinating things that consume others.

This exercise was done as part of our effort to spread the word about Geek the Library. Geek the Library is a public awareness campaign dedicated to spreading the word about the vital role of public libraries and raising awareness about the funding issues many public libraries face.

Are you eager to participate in this campaign but aren’t sure where to begin? Or are you still trying to decide whether it’s a good fit for your library? Wondering what is required of participants? Interested in the marketing collateral that is available?

Many people have approached me with questions like these. To help answer all your “Geek the Library” questions, NEKLS is hosting a webinar, May 5th, at 2 PM.

Special guests at this webinar will share information and examples:
– Janie Rutherford from the State Library of Kansas
– Jennifer Pearson from OCLC/Geek the Library
– Jacque Sherrill from the Jetmore Public Library (in western Kansas)
– Emily Scott with the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Interested in attending the webinar? No need to register in advance.
Join us May 5th at 2 PM. Connection information below.

Thank you!

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UPDATE – webinar archive now available.