I.     Directors of public libraries that participate in the accreditation program should access the following two forms at

  • Accreditation Application – Library Development Accreditation Program
  • 2021 Library Development Grant Application

II.    Review and complete the forms with your library board. 

III.   If your Accreditation Application requires waivers, be sure to complete a waiver form for each standard under consideration.  (The waiver form is at as well.)

IV.  Submit completed and signed forms to: and use “Accreditation Application” in the subject line.  The due date for these forms is Monday, March 1, 2021.

V.    Please retain the original signed documents in your files.

The new accreditation standards for the 2021-2023 cycle were developed pre-COVID.  NEKLS recognizes that many libraries were unable to achieve several standards in 2020 due to the pandemic and we know that 2021 will present its own set of challenges and opportunities.  Because of these unique times, there are two key points you should know:

  • Libraries may request a waiver of any Tier I Standards or Service Level Standards.  For 2021, libraries may also request a waiver for any Tier II Standard: #77, #78, #79, or #80. 
  • This means that every library – provided you submit a waiver for each standard not currently being met – is eligible to receive the maximum possible grant amount for your service level as prescribed below.  Learn more about the grant formulas for each service level in Appendix E of the Accreditation Program packet.
Service LevelBase Grant for 2021 $$Maximum Possible Grant for 2021 $$
Service Center I14,22417,922
Service Center II17,54322,104
Major Service Center I21,01226,475
Major Service Center II27,75234,968
Major Service Center III45,23957,001
Major Resource Library73,81093,001

District libraries, regardless of service level, will be eligible to receive $1,250.

Please direct any questions you may have about the accreditation process to Robin Hastings at or Mike McDonald at