One of the “top 10” questions from NEKLS members has been “just who should I talk to at NEKLS about a particular topic or issue?” We will soon be adding to the new NEKLS web site a subject index of services and consulting topics with the names of the NEKLS staff who are best able to help with those topics. However this may help system members decide who to call:

  1. Always feel free to contact any NEKLS staff member for assistance. If there is a particular member of the staff you prefer to consult with, please do that. In many cases there are several staff who are fully qualified to assist with a particular topic.  If that person can  not provide the information or assistance you need, they will refer you to someone else, but do not ever hesitate to contact any of us.
  2. The responsibilities and areas of expertise for each NEKLS employee are provided on the web site in two locations:
  • The responsibilities of our technology team (Sharon Moreland, Liz Rea, Heather Braum and the Technology Specialist) are described on the NEKLS web site’s technology services page.
  • Areas of expertise and responsibility for all other staff are on the NEKLS web site’s staff page.

No matter who you call at NEKLS, please call us whenever we can help you in any way.